Friday, August 17, 2018


Passing Through
Cows on Rainy Summer Morning
Swallow and Aspen
Brand New 2

Brand New 1
Sheep Curious

Horse Portrait
Power and Persistence
Swallow Chorus

Black Cow

Winter Sparrow

Sweet Baby Thing

Bluebirds and Chickadees

Harry Boe

Blue Bird Bath


Beaver Hour

Busy Bluebird

Three Sheep


Filly in a Mood

Farmer's Pet

Beautiful Baby


Best of the Litter

Tired Little Fella

Hang Ten

Whatever it Takes


The Amazing Grace of Small Things

After Rain
Print & Imprint

Shooting Star
California Poppies 1

California Poppy 2

California Poppy 3
California Poppies 4
California Poppies 5
Edge - Rhododendron
Water and Light Dance
Butterfly Bush
Fraying Flag
Lilac Scent

Cherry Blossoms

Mountain Tea
Edge - Iris
Edge - Azalea
Pearls in Pink
Edge - Rhododendron

Jesus Angel Breakfast Avocado!
Wishes in Moonlight
Leaf and Pebble

Naked Poppy

Dew on Grass

Sprouted Grain

Moss and Dew

Cabbage Satin

Leaf & Light

Leaf in Winter

Barn Wood

Salt & Pepper Blossoms

Winter Light

Salt and Pepper Bud

Edge - Trillium Leaf


What the Swallows Left 2

What the Swallows Left

Lilac Bud

Winter Leaf

Wild Azalea Bud

Pinhead Mushroom in Moss

Edge - Quince

Melting Snow

Quince Blossom

Iris Husk

The Best Pink Rose

California Poppy

First Frost

                                                                          Baby Hazelnut

                                                                    Under October Grapes
                                                                    Lady's Mantle in Winter
                                                            Green and Frost

                                                                      Crystal Crown

                                                                        A Certain Light

                                                                           A Frosty Glow